Moped Discord Valentines

Tell us your worst moped inspired pickupline for a chance to win a Moped Discord Hoodie!



DFHS#8187:  "Girl, do you have a Homoet pipe? Cause you’ve got a fantastic bottom end..."

The Republic of China #6053:  "Hey girl, do you like chinese bikes? Because my pistons need new rings, my bolts are counter threaded, my nuts are not symmetrical, and I spend more time in the shop then being ridden"

Roberto #5555:  "Hey girl, I packed 2 stroke lube for 2 strokes of action ;)"

Balistic Ren #6195: "Are you a stokvis fender? Because you thicc af"

laura/ketsu#1318: "Boy, are you a derbi? Becouse i want to ride you until you break"

Henrik #6994: "Ey girl are you an engine because i want you to suck squeeze bang and blow me"

ZombieDawgs #3089: "Hey, fancy going out with me? I'm kind of a moped person, I take things slow and break down a lot, but riding me is pretty fun"

mats #9608: "wanna fuck? i got a derbi"

LTdata #1304: "Don't worry, between me and the starflite, you'll always finish"

chris_lucas #8420: "Can’t ride you without first putting some 2T oil in you"

drukkenbolt #2391: "you are like my moped at home, You can either be Very tight,og Very loose in the holes"

☭Comrade BoxBoy☭ #8561: "are you a 2-stroke cause i think i need to warm you up"

TheShiphoo#9815: "Can I have a look at your spark plug? Because I think you're hot "

nace #2069: "Are you my tire, cuz you flat af."

Joshie #6969: "Girl are you a mechanic? Cause i want you to straight pipe me"

Flammels #8041: "Hey girl, you into Japanese bikes? Cause I’m trying to get to japanties"

LinaLina #5863: "If you fix my two stroke babe, I'll show you my two stroke "

Weeeryan #0864: "If you're a moped/motorcycle girl, you know how is to live with your legs between pistons that goes up and down"

Joar #1239: "So I left my ride in the service station, care to give me some service right now?"

Kurt #8254: "As with 2-strokes, I also need a little oil to get me going, mind helping out?"

Nitro1014 #5175: "Girl are you a ZA50? Cause ill be up all night messin with you"

Kelley #2548: "Hey boy, mind filling in the blanks? - U C -

Hint: use the letters fhkp.

There's no wrong answer"