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Moped Army

The Moped Army is the organizational end result of an outcropping of moped enthusiasts throughout the nation. Seeing it as more than just an easy and inexpensive way to get around town


MopedRich is a blog created for vintage moped enthusiasts. We want bring you classic, restored and custom mopeds from around the world. We want you be inspired and entertained by featured builds, mods, and restorations.


The one and only Puchshop, the #1 place to satisfy all your puch needs.
With hundreds of products and new product added very regularly



Awesome moped t-shirt designs, logo hoodies, hats and other moped related items.


Make Puch Great Again

This group brings together Puch lovers from all over the world! Sharing experiences, photo's, pictures, events , ...! No limits only one purpose: Make Puch Great Again!


Puch Maxi, Modify & Tuning. UK

Puch Maxi, a great little moped. Easy to modify and tune. Parts cheap and easy to source. a great Facebook group for all maxi lovers from the UK and surrounding.


Moped Army Facebook Group

A great Facebook group for all moped enthausiasts.


TechTalk Discord

We're at the epicenter of everything tech on Discord! With more specific channels for different aspects of computing and electronics such as programming, networking and hardware/software, there's definitely something for everyone


r/scooters discord

The official /r/scooters discord. Focusing largely on step through, 49cc and up scooters. Share pictures, get advice about bikes and repair work, or trash talk your least favorite brand. Check us out on reddit at /r/scooters too!



for all your new and used puch parts!


David Fixes His Shit

I own a lot of broken shit. I also own a lot of shit that could be made better. This channel is where I fix all of that shit.


Moped Problems

The one and only moped problems youtube channel!