Moped Discord

A community for all moped lovers. From general conversations to in-depth help we have something for everyone, from 2 stroke to 4 stroke, single speed to 6 or even more! Everyone is welcome.

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What is Discord?

Discord is a free chatting platform for young and old.
With communities (Servers) for almost anything you can imagine.
You can chat, share photos and even do group calls with other members!

600+ Members

Yes you heard that right, more than 600 members and counting

Our goal has always been to create a fun, engaging and exciting community for new and old.
To talk about and discuss our so beloved Mopeds!
With an audience that spans worldwide you can be sure to find someone to talk to at nearly every time of the day!

Frequent events

Competitions, Games and more

To keep the community engaged we do events.
Events like: A picture competiton, quiz, video competitions and even moped meetups!
All and all just a great and fun time!

Occasional giveaways

And yes even giveaways

Thanks to our amazing supporters and donators we are now capable of doing frequent giveaways!
Things like games, tools, moped accesoires, merchandise, stickers and more!
We couldn't do this without the crazy ammount of support we get from all our members, even the ones just casually chatting along!